I have duplicated graphics within my design, how can I resolve this?

On occasion, there may have been certain graphics within a design that have been duplicated. 

Duplicated graphics have been identified as a symptom of a previous error within Lineardraft and therefore will not have occurred at the moment where you have noticed it.

Furthermore, the issue has been subsequently fixed within an updated release of the software. However, the update to the software will not correct (or remove) the duplicates, instead, this has to be performed manually. The steps below detail how you can remove them.

Step 1: Highlight the duplicate elements

Step 2: Unlock the duplicate elements (Using Ctrl+M)

Lineardraft created elements are locked by default, therefore this process will allow you to progress through to the next steps.

Step 3: Press 'Delete'

This will remove the graphics from the design. 


The information required for the graphic is contained within the model data and does not need to re-configured. 

Step 4: Select 'Structure Adjust'

Located on the Lineardraft Toolbar.

Step 5: Select a structure

Following the prompt, select the structure at which the duplicate graphics exist and the 'Edit Structure' dialog will be displayed.

Step 6: Click 'Confirm'

There's no need to make any changes (unless required) and click 'Confirm'. This will rebuild the structure and place the correct graphic in the design.

This process will be required at each occasion of duplicate graphics within your design.


Making amendments to structures, as detailed above, even if you don't physically make any changes, may alter the design as updates to catalogues may have occurred since the last time the model was edited.

Therefore, you should always follow assurance procedures when making any change to a design.

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