Name/Chainage Box

Defines the appearance of the 2D Name/Chainage box and its values.

Available Box Values:

1. Structure Name Part 1

2. Structure Name Part 2

3. Structure Name Part 3

4. Chainage

5. Secondary Chainage

6. Label 1

7. Label 2

More info: Find out more about structure name, label, and reference chainage rules here.

Default Appearance:

Please note: There can be multiple name/chainage boxes defined in the same project settings and each can be made available for specific structure types. The user can choose which box they want in the 'Settings' panel of the 'Create Structure' window.

Changing appearance: If you wish to change the appearance of this box or its values, your Project Settings Administrator must request a project settings change, and include a drawing of the required layout.

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