Dropper Schedule Report Missing Droppers

If you generate a dropper schedule report, you may notice that some spans don't include dropper information, as shown in the image below.

If you have added in span equipment to a span, no dropper information will be included for that span in the dropper schedule report.

This is because the number of droppers in a span, including their length and spacing, is defined by a dropper table from the relevant design catalogue. For more information, see how droppers are calculated

Adding in span equipment will typically affect the number, length, and spacing of droppers in a span, which will need to be calculated on a case-by-base basis. This is why spans with in span equipment attached do not have any dropper data in the report, but they will remain visible in your 3D model.

Not the answer? If your dropper schedule report is missing information and it's not related to the presence of in span equipment, create a ticket so one of our experts can look into it for you!

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