Installing Lineardraft Desktop

The first step on your Lineardraft journey is to install Lineardraft Desktop. Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Download the latest version 

Click to Download Here.

Step 2: Run the downloaded 'Lineardraft_Desktop_Installer' file

From your saved downloads location, click on 'Lineardraft_Desktop_Installer' to run the setup program and follow the on-screen instructions. No elevated privileges or administrator rights are required. Lineardraft Desktop is installed on a per-user basis.

Don't forget: ALWAYS run 'Lineardraft_Desktop_Installer' under a normal user account. Running with elevated privileges or using impersonation, will result in unexpected behaviour and may stop Lineardraft Desktop from working correctly.

Lineardraft Desktop is set with the installation context ALLUSERS="". Please see the Microsoft Developer Network documentation for more detailed and advanced information here.

Step 3: Check for a new start menu item

To confirm if the installation has been successful, please check for Lineardraft Desktop in the 'Start' menu.

Desktop shortcut for Lineardraft Desktop.

If Lineardraft Desktop does not show as an application within the 'Start' menu, then please check under which user account you are running 'Lineardraft_Desktop_Installer'. If the problem persists please submit a support ticket here.

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