Editing Multiple Hidden Structures

To set the hidden structure option of all hidden structures in your model, just follow these simple steps.

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MicroStation AutoCAD

Step 1: Open the Key-In Command window

You can press the 'F9' key to do this.

Step 2: Type in "ld EditHiddenStructures" and press "Enter"

This will open the 'Edit Hidden Structures' window.

Step 3: Select your hidden structure option from the drop-down menu

Information is provided underneath the drop-down menu showing how many hidden structures each option will affect. You will not be able to click 'Confirm' if no structures are affected.

Step 4: Click 'Confirm'

This will close the 'Edit Hidden Structures' window and edit your hidden structures.

Did you know? You can edit the hidden structure option of an individual structure. Find out how here.

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