Filtering Items in a Catalogue

In Lineardraft Catalogue Explorer, it is possible to filter items based on different criteria. Here's an example of how to do it.

Step 1: Open the relevant Catalogue Explorer

Go to the Design Catalogues section of the Helpcentre, select the required design catalogue, and launch the explorer.

Step 2: Select the relevant item category

In this example we are going to filter the list of masts, so we click on the 'Masts' section. Sections with no items will be shown in grey.

Step 3: Click the 'Filter' button and select a property you want to filter by

In this example we are going to filter by 'Structure Type(s)'.

Top tip: It's best to apply your filter on the 'Overview' table view, as there will be no pre-existing filters active. Learn more about table views here.

Step 4: Enter the filter criteria

In some cases this will be a multi-select option as shown below, in others you will need to type in a word or value. As you enter your selection, the list will be filtered accordingly.

From here you can add more filters if required.

Top tip: By default, items that match all applied filters will be shown. If you require different behaviour (e.g. items that match any of the applied filters are shown), you can create an advanced filter. 

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