Multi-Move Partially Complete or Failed

When you use the multi-move function, sometimes a message can appear saying 'Move Partially Complete' or 'Failed'. This article will help you work out why, and how to get around it.

Does your move meet requirements?

Multi-move has certain requirements in order to be successful. Check what you're attempting to do meets the requirements in this article.

Is there a break in your tracks?

Track alignment files can be made up of multiple line strings (see example below).

This means a single rail can have different element IDs, meaning you will need to re-associate your structures' tracks if you move them past a line break.

As a result, if you attempt to multi-move a structure or structures past a line break, this will cause either a 'Move Partially Complete' or 'Failed' message.

To get around this, simply use the move function to move you structure or structures past the line break one-by-one, as this method asks you to re-associate left and right rails.

Not fixed yet? If you're still having problems, go ahead and create a ticket so one of our experts can look into it for you!

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