Editing Structure Box Annotation Appearance

The default size and appearance of your structure boxes are defined in your project settings. To override these settings on an individual basis, just follow the steps below. 

Changing appearance: If you wish to change the default appearance of your structure boxes or their values, your Project Settings Administrator must request a project settings change, and include a drawing of the required layout. Learn more here.

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Structures’ section of the Lineardraft toolbar

Step 2: Click the ‘Adjust’ button

Step 3: Click on a structure box

This will open the ‘Edit Structure’ window.

Step 4: Click on ‘Settings’ 

This will open the ‘Settings’ window.

Step 5: Configure the settings in the 'Structure Box' section

As you adjust the values, the changes are previewed in pink, as shown below.

Type: Select the design of structure box to be used. Please note that if you do not have any custom structure box annotations in your project settings, you will not be able to change this field. Learn more here.

Offset: Override the default structure box offset

Override Scale: Ticking the ‘Override scale’ checkbox allows you to resize the structure box. The default size is the sheet scale.

Structure Box Position: For portal structures only, toggling ‘Opposite’ switches the position of the associated name/chainage box to the other side of the track(s). Learn more about the default setting here.

Rotation: Allows you to rotate the structure box, which is aligned with its corresponding structure by default. Learn more here.

Step 6: Click 'Confirm' in the 'Settings' window

This will close the 'Settings' window and the preview will disappear.

Step 7: Click 'Confirm' in the 'Edit Structure' window

This will close the 'Edit Structure' window, Lineardraft will process the changes, and your structure box appearance will be updated.

More info: Want to hide a structure box? Or hide sections of a structure box? Find out how here.

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