Design Catalogue Missing

Is the design catalogue you were looking for not visible in Lineardraft? Check out these quick fixes before submitting a ticket!

Is your Lineardraft Core version up to date?

Open Lineardraft Desktop, and check to see if there is a green tick next to Lineardraft Core. If there's an orange warning triangle, your version is out of date, so click the install button to update. Full instructions for updating Lineardraft Core here.

Is the design catalogue active in Lineardraft?

Step 1: Click on the 'About' button on the Lineardraft Toolbar

Step 2: Check the required design catalogue is ticked in the 'Design Catalogues' list

If it is not ticked, click the checkbox to tick it, close the 'About' window, and see if the problem persists.

Do you have the design catalogue installed?

Open your Lineardraft Desktop, and check the design catalogue you require appears in the list and has a green tick icon showing next to it. If there's a yellow ‘i’ icon next to it, you will need to download the design catalogue by clicking the sync button.

For more information on downloading and updating design catalogues, please follow the links. 

Is the design catalogue assigned to your License?

If the design catalogue doesn’t appear in your Lineardraft Desktop, this may be because you currently do not have that catalogue assigned to your license. 

If this is the case, you will need to ask your License Administrator to submit a ticket requesting the required design catalogue be assigned to your license.

If you are a License Administrator, you will need to include these minimum requirements in your ticket submission.

Not fixed yet? If you've tried all the fixes above and you're still having problems, go ahead and create a ticket so one of our experts can look into it for you!

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