Why We Need Your CAD Files & References

When you submit a defect ticket, one of our minimum requirements is often for you to send us your CAD files and references. Here’s why...

Please note: If you fail to provide CAD files and references, your ticket may be closed. Our SLA timer does not start until we receive all necessary information.

Our top priority is ensuring Lineardraft, and all of its components, are functioning as expected for our users. Therefore, when a defect is reported, we want to know exactly why it has happened, to ensure it doesn't happen again.

To find the cause of a defect, we need to recreate the exact same situation as when the defect occurred. This means we need to use the same project settings, CAD application, design catalogues, and model that you used. This is important as there are many variables that can be subtly different from user to user.

If we don't have your model, we might not be able to find these small differences that may have caused the defect.

Please note: CAD files & references are always required even if it seems like they are not relevant to the issue, as further investigation may prove otherwise.

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