Internal and External Catalogue Linkages

When two items are compatible and can be used together in a design, it is referred to as a link or item linkage.

There are two kinds of item linkages, internal and external, and they are listed separately in Lineardraft Catalogue Explorer.

Internal linkages are displayed next to a chain link icon, whilst external linkages are displayed next to an arrow icon and always have '[EXT]' in the heading. Below you can see an example of how this is displayed.

All listed linked items start with the item ID. The item ID is shown in the first column of every table view

Deprecated items are not included in the list of linkages.

When filtering items by what they are linked to (for example, finding all masts that are linked to a specific foundation), it is important to select the correct item category to filter by. If the linked item is external; i.e., from a different design catalogue; you must select the '[EXT]' option when filtering.

More info: Find out how to filter items by what they are linked to here.

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