Ticket States and Statuses Explained

When you submit a ticket you will see that it has a state and a status applied to it. Here’s what that means.


Indicates who’s hands the ticket is currently in and whether the ticket is active or inactive. There are 5 different states.

  • Open - The ticket is active and with us. Further information on what we are doing with your ticket is provided via the status.
  • Awaiting Information - We are waiting for additional information from you in order to progress the ticket. While in this state, our Service Level Agreement timers (SLA timers) will be paused. 
  • Pending - Work on your ticket has been paused as we have arranged a call or meeting with you to discuss your ticket further. The SLA timer has been paused while we await the call.
  • Resolved – The ticket has gone through our process and our team have responded to you with an appropriate resolution. This could be in the form of an advice article, a successful license transfer, a fix for a defect, or a date you can expect the fix to be released.
    You can still reply to 'Resolved' tickets if you require more information. Please note, if 24 hours passes without reply, we'll assume you are happy with the resolution, and the ticket state will be set to 'Closed'.
  • Closed - The ticket is no longer active and no longer being considered or worked on by our team. A ticket may be closed if the initial submission does not include all of the correct minimum requirements, if the ticket has been 'Awaiting Information' for 10 working days, or if the ticket has been 'Resolved' for 24 hours without further response.


As your ticket is progressed through our system you will see the status change. This gives you an idea of where your ticket is up to and what we are doing behind the scenes.

  • New - We have received your ticket and it is with our frontline response team, who will check your ticket meets minimum requirements.
  • Reviewing - Your ticket has met minimum requirements and is now being reviewed and validated by our specialist teams, who will investigate your issue or request.
  • Working On It - Our team are getting to work on your request. This can include research, writing help articles, or processing license transfer requests, depending on the type of ticket submitted.
  • Adding to Roadmap - Your change request ticket has been validated and is in the process of being added to the appropriate roadmap (Software or Catalogues) where we can receive further industry insight. 
  • Resolved - Our team have a solution for your ticket and have contacted you to inform you of the outcome.
  • Closed - The ticket is no longer being considered or worked on by our team. You’ll have to raise another ticket if you would like your submission to be reviewed further.

Engineering & Development Tickets

If you've submitted a Lineardraft Desktop Issue, Lineardraft Issue, or Design Catalogue Issue ticket, it will go through some additional stages to give you a clearer picture of where we're up to with the work. Below are the additional statuses you may see.

  • Planning & Designing - This means our engineers or developers are researching, trialling and designing the most effective solution(s) to your issue.
  • Implementing - Our engineers or developers have designed a solution to your issue and are now putting that solution into practice, getting it ready to release to our users.

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