Dropper Schedule Report

A downloadable Excel (.xlsx) report from Lineardraft which provides information about the droppers in your model.

Please note: If in span equipment is present in a span, droppers will not be included in the report for that span, as shown by entry 'WR-13-07' below. See this article for more details.

Each catenary wire in your design will have its own sheet in the report. Each sheet will include:

1. Wire name
The name of the start and end structures of the span - the starting structure is the structure at the lowest chainage
The system heights at the start and end of the span in metres
The total span length in metres
The number of droppers in the span, each on its own line
The distance of each dropper from the span's start structure in metres
7. The length of each dropper in metres

Please note: If your wire name begins or ends with an apostrophe, or contains any of the reserved characters /\ ? * : [ ] then they will be replaced in the sheet name with an underscore. This won't affect the name of your wire in the sheet itself. 

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