C99-T02 Reduced Encumbrance Contenary Cantilevers

The following article will guide you through using the C99-T02 reduced encumbrance contenary cantilevers in Lineardraft, by providing you with:

  • An annotated example with all limits for user adjustable values
  • The system height and reach ranges for using the cantilevers in your design

Reduced Pull Off Reduced Braced Pull Off

C99-T02 Reduced Pull Off Contenary Cantilevers

Design Limits

Please note: Where design limits are not available on the standard drawing, they have been provided by an external source, and are marked below in bold.


  • Minimum System Height: 600mm
  • Maximum System Height: 1500mm
  • Minimum Reach: 1857mm
  • Maximum Reach: 3710mm

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