Alter Project Settings

There might be an outside chance that you need to make a change to your project settings. This article contains the minimum details and files you should include with your submission.

Before proceeding It's imperative you understand the potential consequences of making changes to your Project Settings. Before submitting, please ensure you have read 'Consequences of Altering Project Settings'. 

What roles are required to submit this ticket type?

You need a User Account with the Project Settings Administrator role assigned.

What are the minimum requirements for this ticket type?

For us to properly understand and act on your ticket we need to know the finer details. Attach or include the following in the ‘Detail’ box in your ticket submission.

Please note: If these minimum requirements are not met, your ticket might be closed and you might have to submit a new one.

First, we need you to provide:

  • State the name of the project settings to which you are requesting a change.
  • State the version number of the project settings you have installed.

Second, include the following:

  • What specifically you want to change and why- please quote specific settings names if you know them.
    • Tell us what your project settings do currently, so we can understand the extent of the change.
    • Annotated screenshots of current project settings functionality and your required output, showing which sections require change and how the change should manifest. For example, changing how your structure boxes look? Show us how!
    • Please include all relevant details such as dimensions, scale size, 2D cells/blocks, and layer/level information.
    • Any helpful notes or additional context to make it easy for us to identify, understand, and implement the change(s).
  • What new functionality do you want to add to your project settings (if applicable to your request).
  • Finally, explain your 'Priority' selection from the drop-down list. This helps us understand the urgency of the requested change(s).
Top tip: With this ticket type you don't have to submit multiple tickets for each individual change - as long as they only affect one set of project settings, you can submit one ticket for all changes.

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