Standard Parameters for MTM Items

If an item drawing does not contain essential parameters, such as lengths for example, Lineardraft will use standard parameters instead.

Below is a list of standard parameters for items in the MTM design catalogue, that are used unless stated otherwise on the drawing(s).

Mast Lengths

Standard mast lengths of 1m-12m in 0.1m increments.

Foundation Lengths

Standard foundation lengths of 0.5m-8m in 0.1m increments.

Foundation Gap Range

Standard range:

  • Minimum: 0m
  • Maximum: 0.1m
  • Default: 0.05m

Gantry Lengths

For TTC gantries, standard lengths of 1m-12m in 0.1m increments.

For portal gantries, standard lengths of 7m-35m in 0.05m increments.

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