Suggest a New Feature

If you’d like us to add a new feature to Lineardraft, this is the ticket type you need. This article contains the minimum details and files you should include in your submission.

We'll review your suggestion and add it to our Software Roadmap to give other Lineardraft users the opportunity to vote and support it.

What roles are required to submit this ticket type? 

You just need a User Account with the User Role assigned.

What are the minimum requirements for this ticket type?

For us to properly understand what you're suggesting and so we can add it to our Roadmap, we need the finer details and justifications.

Please note: If these minimum requirements are not met, your ticket might be closed, you might have to submit a new one.

First, provide details of the feature you are suggesting:

  • Describe in detail the new feature.
  • Attach examples/drawings/sketches/mock-ups of how you anticipate the feature to look and act. 
  • If applicable to your suggestion, attach all relevant technical and supporting drawings & documents in PDF format.

Second, justify the need for the feature you are suggesting:

  • Fully explain the benefitsof this feature:
    • Provide an estimate of cost/resource/time saving.
    • Describe in detail how the new feature might improve a current (or previous) design situation
    • Describe possible use cases and scenarios where the feature will be used. 
  • Finally, explain your 'Priority' selection from the drop-down list. This helps us further understand how important this suggestion is to you.
Before proceeding: Please ensure you're using the latest version Lineardraft Desktop and Lineardraft Core - you may find we have already added the new feature you are requesting! Follow the links for help updating Lineardraft Core & Desktop. 

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