Making Changes to Project Settings

While we hope your project settings are perfect the first time, in the unexpected circumstances that your clients change your CAD requirements, we appreciate you may need to make changes.

This could be to accommodate a new feature or design element, or to ensure your outputs are consistent and compliant with your project requirements. Whatever the reason, you can always request a project settings change.

Please note: You must have the Project Settings Administrator role assigned to your User Account to be able to make a project settings change request.

Once we have validated your requested changes, we will update your existing project settings, which you will be able to update via Lineardraft Desktop.

After you've updated to the latest version of your project settings, all the changes will be automatically populated throughout all your design files that use those project settings, the next time you open your model.

Top tip: So we can resolve your request as quickly as possible, if you have multiple changes you'd like to make to your project settings, please submit them all in one ticket.

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