Level Remap

Defines the levels of your model by mapping the components or elements to a specific level name, as well as if the layer is visible in 2D or 3D. This is done using the following properties:

Level Type

Defines the component or element type.


These are provided by Lineardraft - See 'Level Type' column of the table below

Dimension Type

Defines when the level is visible when using Lineardraft's views functionality. For example, when using the 2D layout view, 2D levels are turned on and 3D levels are turned off.


2D, 3D

Level Name

Defines the level name on which you require each component or element to be placed on in the CAD file.


Any of the level names that you have defined in your seed file (e.g. EP-EP-Foundations-U-)

Please note: Level names will be appended with the level status append.
Level Type
Dimension Type
Level Name
Adapter Plate3DEP-EP-Foundations_Other-U-
Structure Symbol2DEP-EP-Structure-U-
Backtie Symbol2DEP-EP-BackTies-U-
Structure Box2DEP-EP-Struct_Box-U-
Wire Box2DEP-EP-Struct_Box-U-
Support Box2DEP-EP-Struct_Box-U-
Stagger Symbol2DEP-EP-Wire_Stag-U-
Anchor Symbol2DEP-EP-Struc_Box-U-
2D In Running Catenary Wire2DEP-EP-Wire_IR-U-
2D Out of Running Catenary Wire2DEP-EP-Wire out of running-U-
3D Catenary Wire3DEP-EP-Wire-U-
3D Auxiliary Wire3DEP-EP-Wire-U-
2D Auxiliary Wire2DEP-EP-AEWire-U-
Wire Support3DEP-EP-SPS-U-
Span & Versine2DEP-EP-Lydata-U-
Backtie Foundation3DEP-EP-Foundation-U-
Note Marker2DEP-EP-Text-
In-Span Equipment3DEP-EP-In span equipment-U-
In-Span Symbol2DEP-EP-In span equipment-U-

Changing properties: If you wish to change the option of this property, your Project Settings Administrator must request a project settings change.

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