Multi-Move Explained

This article explains the requirements you need to be aware of to ensure a multi-move is successful.

For a multi-move to be successful, you must have:

  • The track file present in your model.
  • The track extend by at least the distance you are attempting to move your structures.

Whenever you use multi-move, a message will appear in the 'Multi-Move Structures' window to inform you if the move was successful. There are three possible messages:

Move Complete

All structures have moved successfully.

Move Partially Complete

Some of the structures have moved successfully. The Lineardraft Console will appear detailing which structures have not moved, and which have.

Move Failed

None of your selected structures have moved. The Lineardraft Console will appear to confirm this, listing all structures that have not moved.

Not working? Take a look at this troubleshooting article to figure out why your multi-move was unsuccessful.

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