How Droppers Are Calculated

In Lineardraft, droppers are calculated on a per span basis and cannot be manually adjusted. The span type selected at the initial wire point (the structure with the smaller chainage) defines the number of droppers, the distance between the droppers, and the length of the droppers for the span in question. The below image shows the span type selection option in Lineardraft.

Calculating Lengths and Spacing

Every design catalogue includes a dropper table that specifies the number of droppers to be used for any given span. Once a span type has been selected, Lineardraft simply retrieves the dropper length and spacing for the closest corresponding span length (based on point-to-point span). Please note that Lineardraft will always use the span type of the wire point at the structure with the smaller chainage.

For every span type, Lineardraft will place your first and last droppers at the required distance from their respective start and end structures (also specified in the dropper table). The length of the span will define the total number of droppers required in that span in addition to the first and last droppers, and the remaining droppers will be evenly distributed between the first and last droppers.

If the system height at the start structure differs from that at the end structure, the dropper lengths are adjusted to accommodate as shown below.

Please note: Lineardraft doesn't adjust dropper lengths or spacings based on point loading.

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