Our Ticket Types

Whether you are requesting support, suggesting a new feature, or have an issue with Lineardraft, you will need to create a ticket in the Lineardraft Helpcentre. Take a look at the at the ticket types you can submit below and some of the common requests we get.

For further support choosing the right ticket type see our categorising your ticket guide.

Don't forget to check the minimum requirements associated with your ticket type before submitting.

Lineardraft Desktop Issue
  • Lineardraft Desktop won't open
  • Lineardraft Desktop keeps crashing
  • Lineardraft Desktop isn't working properly
Lineardraft Issue
  • My model won't open
  • My file won't open
  • My annotations are incorrect 
  • Lineardraft positions XXXX incorrectly
  • Lineardraft calculates XXXX incorrectly
  • There is no change in my model when a command is actioned 
Design Catalogue Issue
  • Lineardraft is drawing XXXX wrong
  • I cannot place XXXX item in my model
  • There is no option to add XXXX
  • Bill of Quantities is not showing allocations correctly
  • XXXX item in the XXXX catalogue is not doing XXXX 
License Issue
  • I have lost access to Lineardraft
  • I would like to access my own license key
  • My license key is not working
  • XXXX person has a new machine 
Suggest a New Feature
  • I would like Lineardraft to do XXXX
  • Can XXXX function be made available
  • XXXX would be useful for ‘this design'
Suggest a Catalogue Change
  • Can XXXX item be added to XXXX Design Catalogue
  • XXXX item exists in XXXX catalogue but not in the one I'm using
  • I need 'this' increasing to XXXX value/amount
Create Project Settings
  • We will be starting a new project and need to create new project settings
  • I would like new project settings 
Alter Project Settings
  • XXXX looks wrong in my project settings
  • XXXX needs changing in my project settings 
  • XXXX looks like 'this' instead of 'this'
  • Is it possible to add an additional structure box?
Transfer a License
  • I want to transfer XXXX person's license to someone else
  • XXXX person no longer works at XXXX company
Make a Change to a License 
  • I would like XXXX catalogue adding to XXXX user’s license 
  • I would like XXXX project settings assigned to XXXX user’s license 
  • I would like XXXX user to be assigned XXXX roles and privileges
  • XXXX user would like access to XXXX plugin 
How To Do Something
  • Is there a way to...?
  • How do I...?
  • How can I allocate XXXX onto XXXX? 
  • Anything that doesn't fit into the above categories!

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