Upgrading Your Contract

While it’s possible to purchase additional licences in the middle of an ongoing term, in some cases you might need or want to upgrade your contract. This usually happens if you want to switch to a longer contract term, or if additional licenses take you up to a price bracket with a lower cost-per-license.

Upgrading your contract is different from just buying more licenses during your current term, as it cancels your current agreement and starts a completely new term.

In this case, a portion of the fees paid for the initial contract, proportional to the time left in the initial term, will be used towards paying for the new term. For example, if you decide to upgrade your contract 6 months into a 12-month term, you’ll pay for the new contract minus 50% of the previous one.

To upgrade your contract, simply contact Zebraware and tell us the number of licenses and term length you require. After that, the process is the same as when you first bought the licenses - see the onboarding article for more details.

Please note: You must be an assigned Commercial Administrator for your organisation in order to request this change.

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