License Issue

Before proceeding: Try the quick fixes in this article.

Is there an issue with your license that you are unable to fix using the link above? This is the ticket type you need. This article contains the minimum detail you should include in your submission.

What roles are required to submit this ticket type?

If you are asking for information about your own license, you just need a User Account with the User Role assigned.

For wider issues, or something regarding someone else’s license, you need the License Administrator role.

What are the minimum requirements for this ticket type?

For us to properly understand and act on your ticket we need to know the finer details. Attach or include the following in the ‘Detail’ box in your ticket submission.

Please note: If these minimum requirements are not met, your ticket might be rejected and you might have to submit a new one.

First, we need the required details of the user(s) who are having issues with their license or requesting license information:

  • Full name(s).
  • Email address(es).
  • Geographic location(s) - region and country, for example "Bristol, United Kingdom".

Second, include the following details and attachments:

  • Write a clear & detailed description of the problem.
  • Any useful screenshots or screen recordings which could help us understand the issue.
  • Finally, explain your 'Priority' selection from the drop-down list. This helps us further understand the severity of the defect.

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