Making the Most of Your Votes and Insights

Our Software & Catalogue Roadmaps are for you to tell us what you really need. The insights you give us when you vote for a feature or change suggestion help us understand its importance.

The more context and quantifiable reasons you can give us for commencing work on a feature, the more likely we'll understand its value, and the more likely we are to action the request.

Useful and Less Useful Insights:

Less UsefulMore Useful
This feature will save lots of time. This feature would be used throughout most projects saving an estimated 2 hours a week throughout the duration of any given project. 
The current process takes a lot of time.

The current manual process takes around 5 minutes, this will need to repeated for every structure within the model. 

I agree with the previous comment.Further to the previous comments, we have our model split over two layouts. This at the cutline of the layout the stagger symbols look odd due to the structure being a TTC one wire point is at the front and one on back. After moving the annotation the symbol looks odd due it being the opposite orientation.

While it's great to know you agree with other users' insights, adding additional context and information about how the change or new feature could make a difference to you is far more valuable and paints a bigger, more detailed picture for us. 

An example from one of our users:

‘The feature is being requested for the Wales and Borders CVL project OLE cross section designs but will be useful for many other projects as well since attaching an earth wire to a TTC nose has been common practice for decades.

At present a manual 3D cell is drawn and placed onto the TTC nose and the E.W is manually adjusted by tweaking the wire position in wire manager to match the position in the 3D cell which is time consuming. This is a very common arrangement at open route TTC locations where there is no or little wire grading.

This new feature would allow additional items that attach directly to a gantry to be incorporated into Lineardraft catalogues which will benefit all users who are designing with equipment that directly attaches to a gantry (not through SPS/drop tube/bracket) as they are able to take advantage of Lineardraft functionality rather than going through a workaround. This will benefit Lineardraft as the ability to request similar items would allow greater utilisation of the software on projects.

 The specific equipment requested has a small number of restricted positions due to bolt holes in the gantry being used for attachment. Other examples of direct attachment to gantry may 
not be as restricted and require the ability to make manual position adjustments similar to the current SPS functionality.’

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