When Span & Versine Annotations are Recalculated

Whenever you add a span & versine annotation, Lineardraft will calculate the span and versine, then draw the annotation.

As you work on your model, changes you make will cause span & versine annotations to become out of date. When this happens Lineardraft will recalculate them.

Span & versine annotations could be recalculated because:

  • A structure has been moved
  • A structure or structures have been multi-moved
  • A structure’s tracks have been reassociated

If any of these things occur when span & versine annotations are present, the Lineardraft Console will appear to tell you which annotations have been recalculated and redrawn.

Top tip: Structures associated with more than one track (e.g., TTC, portal) will also have a track name in brackets alongside the structure name. This is the name of the track at that structure, not a global track name.

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