Downloading Design Catalogues

This article will show you how to download your Design Catalogues ready to use in Lineardraft. 

Essential Requirements

Lineardraft Desktop and Lineardraft must be installed and activated
Installing Lineardraft Desktop
Activating Lineardraft Desktop
Installing Lineardraft

Step 1: Open Lineardraft Desktop from the system tray

From the Windows taskbar tray, click on the Lineardraft Desktop icon.

Step 2: If Lineardraft Desktop isn't running in the system tray, launch it from the desktop

If the Lineardraft Desktop icon is missing from the tray, double click the desktop icon or click on the Lineardraft Desktop application on the 'Start' menu.

Step 3: Confirm Lineardraft Desktop is open

Lineardraft Desktop should be displayed, as shown below; (Please Note: you may have some items showing as up to date or update available and this is the expected behaviour).

Step 4: Install the Design Catalogue

Click the download button next to the catalogue you require, for example, 'UKMS 3D BIM Catalogue'. This will start the synchronization process.

Step 5: Confirm the Design Catalogues are up to date

When Lineardraft Desktop refreshes, check the Design Catalogue status is shown as up to date with a green tick, along with a version number, as shown below.

Please note: If you have multiple Design Catalogues, simply repeat the above process for each one.

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