SLAs Explained

We understand that our customers want to know when their support requests will be dealt with and how long they will have to wait for a resolution to their tickets. As we receive such a wide variety of support tickets with different resource requirements and levels of priority, our tickets types each have different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) attached to them. 

What are service level agreements?

SLAs define the level of service you can expect to receive from us. In this case, this relates to the expected, maximum wait time for a resolution to your support ticket.

SLA timers

Regardless of your ticket type you will receive a first response from one of our team within 1 working day. Once you have received a first response from us, the SLA timer will begin. This is essentially a countdown to the latest date and/or time you should expect a resolution to your ticket. 

Our SLA timers will only run if the ticket state is 'Open'; if your ticket state is 'Awaiting Information' or 'Pending' the SLA timer will be paused. More information on ticket states and statuses provided here

You can find the SLAs for the different ticket types below: 

Defect Tickets

  • Lineardraft Desktop Issue
  • Lineardraft Issue 
  • Design Catalogue Issue 
  • License Issue

License Tickets

  • Transfer a License
  • Make a Change to a License

Project Settings Tickets

  • Create New Project Settings
  • Alter Project Settings

Change Tickets 

  • Suggest a Catalogue Change
  • Suggest a New Feature

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