Voting for New Features & Changes

We want to develop and improve Lineardraft in ways that benefit our users the most. That's why your suggestions and feedback are vital to us. On our roadmaps, you can view and vote on user suggestions and let us know what's really important to you.

Just so you know: This article is about voting for suggestions already on our roadmaps. If you want to submit your own, find out how here.

Step 1: Visit our Roadmap

We have two roadmaps - one for software and one for design catalogues.

Step 2: Click on a change card

This will give you more information about the suggested feature or change.

Step 3: Select your level of importance

If you want to vote for the suggestion, indicate how important it is to you by clicking on one of the options at the bottom of the card.

Step 4: Explain why it's important

In the box that appears, give us some context as to why this change would help you and/or your work.

Step 5: Enter your email address and click 'Submit'

Once submitted, a window will appear asking you to confirm your email.
In the email you receive, be sure to click 'Confirm email' for your vote to count!

What Happens Next?

We review and process your submission, with the insight you've provided guiding what features and changes we implement and how we implement them.

Once your submission has been validated, the vote will be counted and added to the number displayed in the top-right corner of the change card (see below). As a supporter of this change, you will be automatically notified whenever an update is posted to the change card.

More info: Learn how you can help get your suggestion approved here.

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