Hidden Structure Options

There are three options to choose from when hiding a structure in Lineardraft. This is what they mean. Please note, hidden structures will always remain visible in plan view regardless of the option you choose.


The default option. The entire structure is hidden, including any attached equipment, and it will not be included in any allocation reports.

Show Equipment Only

While any masts, foundations, gantries, or attachment points will be hidden, any attached equipment will remain visible in 3D and be included in allocation reports.

Hidden (Legacy)

Similar to 'Show Equipment Only', any attached equipment remains visible in 3D, but will not but be included in any allocation reports. This is a legacy option from a previous version of Lineardraft. As such, we recommend selecting one of the other two options.

OptionStructure VisibilityStructure AllocationEquipment Visibility
Equipment Allocation
Show Equipment OnlyHiddenHiddenVisible
Hidden (Legacy)Hidden
Did you know? You can edit the hidden structure option of multiple hidden structures at the same time. Find out how here.

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