Foundation Details Report

A downloadable Excel (.xlsx) report from Lineardraft which provides information about the foundations of the masts and backties in your model.

All of the information in this report is provided on a single sheet, which includes:

1. The name of the structure the foundation is under, or attached to if detailing a backtie foundation.
2. The chainage of the structure.
3. The secondary chainage of the structure, if applicable.
The structure support label. If detailing a backtie foundation the cell will include '(Tie/Strut)', and include a number if there's more than one backtie attached to the structure.
The location of the foundation in XYZ coordinates. The Z coordinate is also the Top of Foundation value.
The foundation bearing.
7. The RECOS of the structure support in metres; this cell will be blank if the row is detailing a backtie foundation.
8. The height of the top surface of the adapter plate relative to sea level; this cell will be blank when an adapter plate isn't in use.

Top tip: Find out how to generate a report here.

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