A Guide to Feature & Change Suggestions

We welcome your suggestions, and we're especially excited when those suggestions help us improve Lineardraft!

The below articles tell you how you can suggest a new feature, improvement, or change to Lineardraft and its design catalogues, and what happens next.

Software Suggestions Catalogue Suggestions

Software Suggestions

If you want to suggest a new feature or make a change request regarding Lineardraft Core, Plugins, or Desktop, simply submit a ticket and select ‘Suggest a New Feature’ as the ‘Type’. All you need is the User Role, assigned to your User Account.

There’s a full guide for how to suggest a new feature including the minimum requirements here.

Once the ticket is processed by our change management team as a feature or change suggestion, it gets added as a change card to our Lineardraft Software Roadmap in the ‘Suggested’ section.

From here you can track the progress of the change card through the following stages:

  • Suggested – our change management team reviewed the suggestion and added it to our roadmap; now it needs your votes and feedback!
  • Under Consideration – the suggestion has received enough votes to be considered in more detail by our technical team; you should continue to vote so we have a better and clearer understanding of its importance. 
  • Information Required – upon review, our technical team needs your expert industry insight to progress further with our investigations; we'll post an update on the change card asking users to respond to an information request.
  • Working On It – the technical team is going to action your request, and are either in the process of planning or actively working on the change; we will post updates to the change card to keep you informed of our progress.
  • Released – the new feature/change request has been included in a software release; we will provide a link to the release notes on the change card.
  • Rejected – the feature will not be considered any further by our team. We will provide a reason why as an update on the change card. For more information about why a feature may be rejected, please read this article. 
More info: Once your suggestion has been added to the roadmap your ticket will be resolved, and you will be automatically notified whenever there's an update posted to the change card.

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