B76-D07 Kneebrace for Wall Supports at Overbridges

Lineardraft currently doesn't support adjusting wall brackets to the extent required for MS-B76-D07. So when choosing this in Lineardraft no graphics are displayed.

So if no graphics display, how can I use MS-B76-D07?

Choosing MS-B76-D07 will provide the correct allocation output on BoQ (Bill of Quantities) and other reports; however, as no graphics are displayed you'll need to manually create and position any graphical representations yourself.

When will Lineardraft support this?

Head over to our catalogues roadmap to see if there's a matching feature request for this functionality; there you can vote and comment. If there isn't a feature request please go ahead and follow the feature request submission guidelines.

Related Drawing

Click the link below to download the UKMS drawing MS-B76-D07.

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