Minimum Requirements Explained

When submitting a ticket, you are asked to fulfil a set of minimum requirements. These are specific details and/or files that we need from you to allow us to begin working on your ticket. If these aren't included, your ticket might be closed and you might be asked to submit a new one.

Each ticket type has a different set of minimum requirements, it’s vital you check to make sure what's required before submitting a ticket.

Why do we need this information? 

When tickets don't meet the minimum requirements, we won't have enough information to begin working; ultimately this will slow down the resolution of your ticket.

For example, if you asked us to add a new cantilever to a design catalogue, but didn't give details about which brackets it should be supported by, then we won’t know how to attach the new cantilever to a structure.

How do minimum requirements benefit you? 

The information you provide allows us to build a clear picture of what's expected, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently whilst taking up as little of your valuable time as possible. The more detail you include, the less we need to ask for, and the quicker we can reach a resolution.

You can find the minimum requirements for each ticket type below:

Lineardraft Desktop Issue
Lineardraft Issue
Design Catalogue Issue
License Issue
Suggest a New Feature
Suggest a Catalogue Change
Create Project Settings
Alter Project Settings
Transfer a License
Make a Change to a License
How To Do Something

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