Why Feature & Change Suggestions Can Be Rejected

We are always trying to improve and expand Lineardraft’s capabilities; this is why we ask for your input! When you submit change suggestions this helps us fully understand what our users and the industry need. You can view and vote for all suggestions made by our users on our Software & Catalogue Roadmaps

Occasionally, some suggestions may be rejected. This can be for one of two reasons.

Lack of Engagement

Your suggestion has been on our software or catalogue roadmap for a significant time with very little or no engagement. The purpose of our roadmaps is for our users to tell us what they really need. 

If the request hasn’t had any engagement from users, this tells us it’s not something we need to be working on. Therefore, it will move to the 'Rejected' section.

Contradictory to Existing Functionality

The suggestion made is contradictory to the way Lineardraft functions. Designing OLE is not always black and white, and there can be different approaches and solutions to certain design scenarios. Our developers and engineers are experts at what they do and will sometimes have to make a judgement call on the way Lineardraft handles these scenarios, so it is beneficial to the majority of our users.

It's important to note that just because something has been rejected previously, it does not mean that will always be the case. For example, if we get lots of interest and engagement in a suggestion that was previously rejected, we now know it’s of interest and it can be reinvestigated.

Top tip: If compelling and detailed explanations are provided with your vote, this will capture our attention and may prompt us to re-evaluate a suggestion. Find out more here.

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