Lineardraft Onboarding Process

Thank you for taking an interest in Lineardraft! This article gives you an overview of what to expect during the onboarding process, from requesting a demo to user training. 

Our team will remain in contact with you throughout to facilitate this process, answer any questions that might crop up, and help you make Lineardraft everything you need it to be.


If you’re interested in Lineardraft, you can request a demo through the form on the Lineardraft website. This form collects essential information to tailor the demo to you, and we will be in touch within a few working days to arrange a meeting. 

Request a Demo

A demo usually lasts 90 minutes, during which a Lineardraft representative will showcase the software’s capabilities to help you and your team determine whether Lineardraft is right for you, and how you could benefit from it. 

Afterwards, you’ll will be provided with the model that was created in the demo, a recording of the meeting, and some additional useful information.

More info: If you have any follow up questions after the demonstration meeting is held, you will be able to contact your Lineardraft representative directly via email.

Before the Trial

If you want to make sure Lineardraft is the right solution for your needs, you can choose to carry out a 4-week trial, during which two users are given access to the software, with the necessary support and training to fully experience its capabilities.

To do so, reach out to your contact at Zebraware, and we’ll provide you with the Order Confirmation documentation (which serves to collect the necessary information for the trial, such as the start date and information about the users) and the Terms & Conditions for the trial.

Once the documents have been completed and signed, the trial can begin on the agreed date. 

Zebraware will generate trial licences and Helpcentre accounts for the nominated users, who will then be able to download and install Lineardraft. The users will also be provided with useful links and resources to access support and training through the Helpcentre. 

During the Trial

On the first day of the trial, a Lineardraft representative will hold a start-up meeting with the key nominated people from your organisation - usually the two designated users and the person who facilitated the trial. This meeting will serve to discuss the details of the trial ahead, introduce the users to Lineardraft, and provide them with basic training assistance. 

During the trial, we’ll stay in touch via weekly engagement meetings. This will be an opportunity for the users to ask questions, learn about more advanced features of the software, and receive further training support as needed.

After the Trial

On the day after completion of the trial, we’ll hold a meeting to gather any outstanding information and answer any remaining questions that you may have.

We will then give you some time to gather your thoughts and evaluate your experience using Lineardraft, after which there will be a final meeting to discuss the trial in detail and discuss the procurement process, should you want to proceed.

More info: If you have any follow up questions before, after, or during the trial period, you will be able to contact your Lineardraft representative directly via email.

Once we know the number of licences and term length your organisation needs, we’ll generate a quote (or quotes, if you’re considering multiple scenarios) and send them over for review. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll generate and send out an Order Confirmation and Software License Agreement (SLA).

In addition to details like the number of licences and term length, the Order Confirmation is also where User Roles are designated.

Please note: These documents must be signed by someone who can legally bind the company to a contract.

Once the Order Confirmation has been completed and signed, the SLA has been signed, and both have been returned, Zebraware will generate the licences and create the respective Helpcentre accounts. These accounts will be active from the software delivery date. Your users will receive an onboarding email with their licence keys, additional resources, and links to useful articles and video training available on the Helpcentre.

Your organisation will receive the invoice on the agreed starting date, with a payment term of 30 days, unless otherwise agreed.

Project Settings

Project settings control parameters, configurations, and defaults specific to your project, ensuring all required outputs, layout configuration, and default design parameters are CAD compliant for your project every time, regardless of the client, region, or country. This means that, whilst your team can get started using default project settings, it’s imperative that new project settings are created specifically for every new project you undertake using Lineardraft.

After purchase, a meeting will be held with your Commercial Administrator, Project Settings Administrator, and some or all of the users, to go over the details of what project settings define and help determine what customisation you will need.

After the meeting, you’ll receive the project settings customisation documentation, which your team will need to fill out to provide Zebraware with the full details of your requirements. 

After receiving the completed documentation, the development team will take a minimum of two weeks to create the customized project settings. Bespoke settings may take a bit longer, so it’s essential that the documentation be filled out as soon as possible. Learn more about when to expect project settings here.


The last step to get you up and running with Lineardraft is user training. All users have access to the video training course available on the Helpcentre, which they should complete as soon as possible once they gain access to the software. 

After the users have completed this course, Zebraware will offer a follow-up meeting with each individual user, to go over additional content and answer any last questions they might have. This is the last step to fully equip each user on their journey using Lineardraft!

Onboarding Complete

After all the above has been completed, your team will be fully equipped to use Lineardraft on their projects. Once fully onboarded, you will have access to:

  • All software and catalogue updates (specific to what your license permits)
  • Helpcentre support access
  • Request new project settings and amendments to existing project settings (Project Settings Administrators only)
  • Unlimited user transfers on request (must be requested by your company's License Administrator)
  • Design catalogue access on request (must be requested by your company's License Administrator)
  • Regular contact multiple times throughout the year with our commercial team

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