View Item Links in a Catalogue

Interrogating items in a design catalogue is easy with Catalogue Explorer, where you can view item-specific properties, including everything an item is compatible with, both internally and externally. Here's how.

Step 1: Open the relevant Catalogue Explorer

Go to the Design Catalogues section of the Helpcentre, select the required design catalogue, and launch the explorer.

Step 2: Select the relevant item category

In this example we are going to view information on a mast, so we click on the 'Masts' section. Sections with no items will be shown in grey.

Step 3: Locate an item from the list, and click the 'OPEN' button

This will open the sidebar displaying properties specific to that item type, including its description and the linkages it has with other items.

Browse Items in Sidebar Change Sidebar View Close Sidebar

Step A: Click the up and down arrows to browse the item list from the sidebar

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts 'Alt+J' and 'Alt+K' to switch between the next and previous item respectively.

Did you know? There are two types of item linkages, internal and external, and they are displayed separately in Catalogue Explorer. Learn more here.

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