User License Not Working

Having licensing issues? Check out these quick fixes before creating a ticket. 

Is your license key correct?

Check the license key provided as part of your 'Welcome to Lineardraft' email matches the license key attributed to your Lineardraft Desktop. Alternatively, you can check your license key on the 'Manage your Profile' page of the Helpcentre by following this article.

An example of a 'Welcome to Lineardraft' email, and where you will find your license key in the email.

Has Lineardraft been installed and activated?

Lineardraft Desktop needs to have been correctly installed and activated for your license to work.

Is Lineardraft Desktop open?

Lineardraft Desktop needs to be open in the background for your license to work correctly. If Lineardraft Desktop is not open when you open Lineardraft, a window stating 'You are not licensed to use this feature' will appear. Simply close your CAD application, open Lineardraft Desktop, then try again. 

Can your computer access the licensing service?

Lineardraft requires access to the internet through your company's firewall and/or proxy service to communicate with its licensing centre. Learn more.

Is your computer's clock precise?

Lineardraft's licensing centre requires your computer's clock to be accurate within 5 seconds. Learn more.

Could you have exceeded your license's concurrency or activation limit?

Whilst a Lineardraft license key can be activated on two devices, it can only run on one device at a time. Learn more.

Not fixed yet? If you're still having problems, go ahead and create a ticket so one of our experts can look into it for you!

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