When to Expect a Resolution for your Defect Ticket

‘When will it be resolved?’ is often the biggest question you will have when submitting a ticket. This article outlines the ticket resolution Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for any defect tickets you submit.

Please note: SLAs for defect tickets are based on the ticket's assigned priority not the priority chosen by you at submission. For more information about how we assign your ticket a priority, please read this article.

SLAs by Assigned Priority 

Our SLA timers will begin once you have received a first response from our team acknowledging you have provided all the necessary minimum requirements for your ticket type. For more information on what to expect once you have submitted a ticket, see this article.

SLA time refers to the resolution of the ticket, not the release of work resulting from that ticket. We have scheduled release points throughout the year for our low and medium priority tickets. Urgent and high priority tickets will be treated as ‘hot fixes' for which the research, discovery and work will begin as soon as possible.

Assigned Priority
First Response
Ticket Resolution SLA
Urgent1 Working Day
8 Working Hours
Every 2 Hours
1 Working Day5 Working Days
Every Day
1 Working Day
4 Working Weeks
Each Week
1 Working Day
12 Working Weeks
Each Month 

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