Lineardraft Core Not Updating

The two biggest culprits for Lineardraft Core failing to update are; issues with the original installation and orphaned entries in the Windows registry. In most cases, following the below steps will have you back up and running in no time.

Step 1: Uninstall all Lineardraft components from your machine

Ensure any CAD software running Lineardraft Plugins, and Lineardraft Desktop have all been shut down before uninstalling. If an administrator or another user installed Lineardraft on your machine, you might need them to uninstall the components for you.

Step 2: Install Lineardraft Desktop

Once all components have been uninstalled (check your Control Panel), follow these instructions to reinstall Lineardraft Desktop.

Step 3: Activate Lineardraft Desktop

Once Lineardraft Desktop has been installed, follow these instructions to activate.

Step 4: Install Lineardraft Core

With Lineardraft Desktop now activated, proceed to install Lineardraft Core.

Step 5: Update Lineardraft Core

Click the download button highlighted below to install the latest version of Lineardraft Core.

Lineardraft Core Still Not Updating?

Step 6: Remove orphaned entries from the Windows registry

Orphaned entries result from Lineardraft having been installed by an administrator or a different user. Follow these instructions to remove orphaned entries from your Windows registry.

Not fixed yet? If you're still having issues getting Lineardraft to update, please create a ticket so one of our experts can look into it for you ASAP!

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