Transfer a License

If you need to transfer a license from one user to another, this is the ticket type you need. This article contains the minimum details you should include in your submission.

If you are reporting a problem with a license, then please use these minimum requirements instead.

What roles are required to submit this ticket type?

As the transfer of licenses directly impacts access to Lineardraft functionality, we limit the ability to submit these types of requests to License Administrators only.

What are the minimum requirements for this ticket type?

For us to properly understand and act on your ticket we need to know the finer details. Attach or include the following in the ‘Detail’ box in your ticket submission.

Please note: If these minimum requirements are not met, your ticket might be closed and you might have to submit a new one.

First, we need you to provide:

  • A short explanation of why the transfer is required.
  • A preferred date for the transfer to occur.

Second, include the following:

  • Details of user(s) losing their license(s):
    • Full name(s).
    • Email address(es).
  • Details of the user(s) the license(s) will be transferred to:
    • Full name(s).
    • Email address(es).
    • Geographic location(s) - region and country, for example "Bristol, United Kingdom".
    • Has the new user held a license for Lineardraft before?
  • Finally, explain your 'Priority' selection from the drop-down list. This helps us understand the urgency of the requested change(s).

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