When to Expect a Resolution to your How To Ticket

'How to' tickets vary enormously. This means how long it can take to resolve your ticket can also vary. Below outlines when you should expect a resolution to your ticket. 

Once we receive your ticket and we have confirmed it meets all of our minimum requirements, it will be passed on to our specialist team for review. 

If your question can't be resolved with an existing article in our Helpcentre and it doesn't require a software or design catalogue change, our team will assign your ticket a priority based on the information you have provided us in your minimum requirements. You can find more information on how we assign priority here.

The table below outlines the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each priority.

Assigned Priority
First Response
Ticket Resolution SLA
Urgent1 Working Day
8 Working Hours
Every 2 Hours
1 Working Day5 Working Days
Every Day
1 Working Day
4 Working Weeks
Each Week
1 Working Day
12 Working Weeks
Each Month 

If your ticket can be solved with existing advice in our Helpcentre our team will respond with a link to the advice. If your question does require software or design catalogue changes our team will be back in touch to advise how you can suggest a new feature or suggest a change to a catalogue and get it onto one of our roadmaps. 

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