Filtering by Linked Items in a Catalogue

Lineardraft Catalogue Explorer not only allows you to view item links, you can also filter items based on what they are linked to. Here's how you do it. In this example, we will be determining the masts can be used with a specific foundation.

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Step 1: Open the relevant Catalogue Explorer

Go to the Design Catalogues section of the Helpcentre, select the required design catalogue, and launch the explorer.

Step 2: Select the relevant item category

In this example, we click on the 'Masts' section.

Step 3: Click the 'Filter' button and select the linked item type you want to filter by

In this example, we select 'Foundations'.

Please note: If the linked item is from a different design catalogue (i.e., an external link) select the '[EXT]' option instead. Learn more about internal and external linkages here.

Step 4: Enter the name of the linked item

The table view will be filtered based on the item name you have entered. In this example, the masts listed can be used with the foundation entered.

Did you know? You can filter items by other criteria too! Find out how here.

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