Why Tickets Are Closed After 10 Days

Sometimes we need to request additional information in order to resolve a ticket, and we pause the resolution timer whilst awaiting a reply. If we don't receive a reply after 10 days, the ticket is closed.

By imposing a time limit on pending tickets awaiting information, this helps us to only work on tickets that contain current information. For example, if we receive a response on a ticket that's a few months old, there's no guarantee the information provided in the original ticket is still up-to-date.

The time limit also helps us avoid overlapping requests, so we don't have multiple open tickets, all at different stages of completion, concerning the same issue.

By closing tickets that aren't active, it helps us manage our workflow so we can provide an efficient service for all our customers.

We understand we may not get responses to additional information requests immediately, but if the issue raised in the ticket is important, 10 days is enough time to reply.

More info: Learn more about ticket states and statuses here.

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