How Design Catalogues are Updated

We are constantly improving our design catalogues with new and updated items, and item linkages. All 'Active' catalogues are managed and updated in the same way.

More info: This article focuses on how we manage and implement catalogue changes. For information about how handle catalogue issues and defects, see this article.

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Change Requested

Catalogue updates are primarily customer-driven, meaning we prioritise your requests. Once a catalogue change request has been submitted, if the request includes all the minimum requirements, it is reviewed by one of our engineers, and added to our Catalogues Roadmap as a change card. For a more detailed breakdown of our roadmaps and lifecycle of a change request, see this article.

Our Catalogues Roadmap encourages users to add their insights via the change cards, so we can understand how important a request is to our users and the wider industry.

Additionally, providing as much detail as you can in your initial submission, explaining how important this change is to your project(s), and detailing any important timeframes or deliverable dates, helps us prioritise what we work on next and increases the likelihood of us implementing your request in-line with project deliverables.

Working On It

Using the information provided in the initial submission, and any further insights provided via the roadmap, we will add the change to a suitable work package so, where possible, it does not delay work on your project, nor affect the progress of any other projects or change requests. Our engineers will validate the request before commencing work, to ensure they have all the information required to proceed.

Please note: Sometimes we need more information before we can get to work on a change request, so we ask our users via the roadmap. Learn more about responding to information requests here.

With the request validated and scheduled into a work package, our engineers will get to work on implementing the change. At this point the change card is moved to 'Working On It' on the roadmap, and all users who provided insights on the card will be notified. An expected release date or timeframe may also be provided.

Typically our team will work on multiple change requests in a single work package, usually involving the same catalogue, or catalogues that are commonly used together (for example, UKMS and UKMS SiCat).


Upon completion of the work, a catalogue update including your change is released. All users who have the catalogue assigned to their license will receive a release email.

Important note: Please whitelist '' in your email client and/or company IT policy to ensure you receive our catalogue release emails.

The release email includes a link to the updated Catalogue Explorer, where you can interrogate the contents of the catalogue, as well as a link to the release notes detailing all the changes made to the catalogue in this release. You can also access catalogue release notes via Lineardraft Desktop.

Once you update your catalogue using Lineardraft Desktop (full instructions here) and you will have access to the latest version which will include your requested change.

More info: Learn more about when to expect a resolution to a change ticket here.

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