Updating Lineardraft Desktop

The Zebraware team are constantly working to improve Lineardraft, and we will update Lineardraft Desktop from time-to-time. Here's how you get the latest version.

Latest version of Lineardraft Desktop: 
Latest Version
(Download Here)

Step 1: Check your version of Lineardraft Desktop

Check the version number in the bottom-left of the Lineardraft Desktop window. If it does not match the latest version number above, you can update!

Top tip: If you are running version 2022.1.3350.1 or later, you will be notified of any available updates via the in-app update banner. Simply click on the install icon in the bottom-right and follow the instructions to update - then skip to Step 4.

Step 2: Download the latest version of Lineardraft Desktop

Click to Download Here.

Step 3: Run the downloaded 'Lineardraft_Desktop_Installer' file

From your saved downloads location, click on 'Lineardraft_Desktop_Installer' to run the setup program and follow the on-screen instructions. This installation will overwrite your existing version of Lineardraft Desktop.

Step 4: Check your version number

To confirm the installation has been successful, open Lineardraft Desktop and check the version number to see if it's been updated to match the current version listed above.

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