Enabling Backtie Annotations

It’s possible for Lineardraft to display backtie annotations for every backtie you place. Here’s how to include them in your designs.

Step 1: Request a change to your project settings

To enable this feature your project settings need to be amended. Only users who are assigned the Project Settings Administrator role can request changes to project settings. Find out how to request a project settings change here.

Step 2: Update your project settings

Once the project settings change has been requested, confirmed, and completed by the Lineardraft team, go to Lineardraft Desktop and update your project settings.

Step 3: Ensure Lineardraft Core is up to date

If it isn’t up to date, click on the install icon in Lineardraft Desktop to update to the latest version.

Backtie annotations are now enabled in your designs. Simply add a backtie to ensure they display correctly.

Not visible? If backtie annotations are still not displaying, please follow the steps in this article to see if we can fix it!

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