Backtie Annotations Not Visible

Are backtie annotations not displaying in the plan view next to your placed backties? Try these fixes before creating a ticket.

Have backtie annotations been enabled?

Backtie annotations will not display unless they've been enabled in your project settings. Find out how to enable them here.

Have you re-confirmed your existing backties?

Backtie annotations won't automatically display on backties you placed before this feature was enabled.

To get backtie annotations to display on existing backties, simply click the 'Adjust' button in the Structures section of the Lineardraft toolbar, then click on any structure with a backtie that is not displaying the annotation.

Click ‘Confirm’ in the 'Edit Structure' window, and your backtie annotation will appear.

Are annotations displaying on new backties?

If backtie annotations have been enabled in your project settings, when you add a new backtie the annotations should appear automatically. If they do not, please create a ticket so one of our experts can look into it for you ASAP!

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