Table Views in Catalogue Explorer

When browsing design catalogues in Catalogue Explorer, items are split into categories. Once you select an item category, the information is displayed in a table view.

The Overview Table 

While each item category has a different selection of table views depending on the properties of the item, all item categories have an 'Overview' table view, which always displays:

1. The item ID
2. The item name
3. The item description
4. Any notes on the item, such as links to special use case articles

Additional information may be provided on the 'Overview' table depending on the item properties. For example, the 'Overview' for masts includes structure types as shown below.

Additional Views

Depending on the item category and its properties, further information may be displayed in a separate table view, which is accessible by clicking on any of the available tabs at the top of the table. 

For example, the 'Catenary Wire Supports' category has a table view dedicated to reach and system height information, as shown below.

Many category pages also have a range of pre-filtered table views, so it is quicker to find the items you need.

For example, on the 'Foundations' page you can easily view what foundations are for use with masts and backties respectively, while on the 'Auxiliary Wire Supports' page you can quickly see which supports can be used as anchors.

Top tip: You can create your own filters by clicking on the 'Filter' button. Learn more here.

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