Deploying Lineardraft

Lineardraft can be deployed using centralised deployment methodologies and third-party tools, so long as those methods include support for EXE or MSI package types and support per-user installation.

Per-User Components

Lineardraft Desktop and Lineardraft proper are strictly per-user packages and MUST be installed as such. For SCCM, the 'Installation Behavior' setting in 'User Experience' MUST be set to 'Install for User'.

Lineardraft Desktop and Lineadraft proper are installed to the user's local app data directory. This is not configurable and is essential for Lineardraft to work properly. Any change to the installation directory will render Lineardraft proper or Lineardraft Desktop non-functional.

These installations DO NOT require administrator privileges; running any of these installs with elevated privileges WILL RESULT in an incorrect installation and will render Lineardraft Desktop or Lineardraft proper non-functional.

Per-Computer Components

Lineardraft Plugins are per-computer installations. For SCCM, the 'Installation Behavior' setting in 'User Experience' should be set to 'Install for System'.

Lineardraft plugins generally make changes to the specific CAD application they target and, as such, generally don't have their own specific installation directories. Their components are usually constrained to the relevant plugin or add-in directories dictated by the CAD application vendor.

Data Components

Lineardraft Catalogues and Lineardraft Project Settings are data components and configurations. They are deployed and managed by Lineardraft Desktop and aren't deployable via any centralised deployment tools. 

License Keys

License keys are distributed directly to users and are unique to each user. These aren't available for distribution or deployment centrally.

Risks & Warnings

Any deployment of Lineardraft component should be handled with care. Relevant CAD applications should not be running when installing or updating any Lineardraft component. 

As Lineardraft is compatible with multiple CAD applications, you should check each relevant application independently.  The range of CAD applications in use will vary from user to user, depending on their requirements.

Frequency of Updates

Lineardraft is a technical software package that centralises and organises numerous engineering and technical standards, many of which change very frequently.  As such, Zebraware operates a 'little and often' change process, allowing Lineardraft to respond to standards changes without impacting on mission, project and business-critical work.

The engineering projects that utilise Lineardraft rely on reactive and agile change and elongating the update process will have a detrimental impact on project delivery.


Visit Lineardraft Downloads to get the latest packages and SHA hashes.

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